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Empower your borrowers and upgrade loan quality with disbursing loans 99% faster than traditional lending.

Paperless. Agentless. Contactless. Branchless.


What it takes?

Look at all the data sources for our decision engine software

Instant decision-making ability for borrower eligibility. 

Streamline your lending process. Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Interactive Workflow Management

Interactive Workflow Management

Complete Automation

Complete Automation

Loan Disbursement in 10 mins

Loan Disbursement in 10 mins

Streamline your lending process. Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Key Features

From borrower onboarding to loan closure. Cloudbankin has it all.

Cloudbankin - Digital onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Create a seamless onboarding process.

Enables borrowers to apply for loans at their convenience from any location and device. By integrating various APIs, expedite loan processing time. Offer a user-friendly experience to reach a broader audience of borrowers.

Loan Origination System

Enables you to process and disburse loans at breakneck speed.


Includes a feature set of borrower onboarding, eKYC, credit bureau integrations and a decision engine.


Develop excellence for your current and potential customers with swift and efficient processing!

Loan origination software
Rule engine software

Credit Rule Engine

Gives you the best outcome based on your credit policies.

A no-code platform configured with 2000+ data parameters, evaluate your borrowers' eligibility and make real-time decisions instantly! Meet the constant demand of the ever-changing market with ease!

Loan Management System

Gives you complete control over complete loan management after disbursement. Features include monitoring repayments, rescheduling loans, managing NPAs, customising templates, creating interactive reports and dashboards, and setting alerts and notifications.


Let the software handle everything efficiently on your behalf!


Dynamic resources allocation

Loan management software

Our Clients

Why companies like Cloudbankin?

The Cloudbankin team went above and beyond to help get our entire business process automated. We had a very tight deadline to launch our online service and the guys not only delivered on time but the quality of the work was impeccable. With their software, we are now able to evaluate, approve and disburse loans to our customers almost immediately. Everything from loan contract signing to repayment reminder is now fully automated. We would highly recommend the Cloudbankin team and their software to any lender looking to improve their process and grow their business.

Director, Cashify loans, Sydney

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