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Loan Origination Software

Process and disburse loans rapidly, utilizing digital methods for borrower onboarding, data collection, documentation, and eKYC.

Optimise Your Loan Products

When it comes to lending, you need a loan origination system that's efficient, flexible, and secure. That's where Cloudbankin comes in.

Launch in 48 hours by integrating with our LOS.

Tweak your system with a low code platform.

Diversify your loan portfolio.

Upgrade your present system.

Expand your business presence.

Improve your operational efficiency

Key Features

Seamless Borrower Onboarding 

Automated processes make onboarding new clients effortless and straightforward, resulting in a seamless experience.


The sole player that offers financial institutions a white-label mobile application that is compatible with top browsers, including Android and iOS.

eKYC System

The software's fully digital e-KYC system streamlines the collection of necessary documents to meet regulatory standards.

Credit Bureau

Assessing customers' credit scores is a straightforward and effortless process, facilitating instant decision-making.

Bank Statement Analysis

Enables analysis of the borrower's bank statements as part of the underwriting process

Use of Alternate Data 

If additional data is necessary for underwriting, the software can utilize alternative data sources such as the borrower's geolocation or SMS transaction data.

Reasons to opt for Cloudbankin’s Loan Origination Software

Cloudbankin - Instant decision making

Instant Decision Making 

Running in the background, there is a speedy decision-making algorithm that produces, tailors, and exports a range of reports. These reports aid you in assessing the creditworthiness of customers, as well as potential business growth and new product opportunities.

Cloudbankin - Cost effective

Cost Effective

By providing automated processes and customizable workflows, this solution enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness and increases profitability.

Expanding Product Range

Cloudbankin - Expanding product range

This solution offers a variety of features that collaborate to facilitate the expansion of your business, including simplifying product diversification and enabling geographical expansion.

Cloudbankin - Fast Implementation


Being a low-code solution, it can be implemented in as little as 24 hours.

Cloudbankin accessible from anywhere

Accessible from anywhere, anytime & on any device

Entirely digital, without any need for branches, paper, physical contact, or agents. This eliminates the primary barrier that prevents borrowers from applying for loans on their own, allowing them to obtain loans from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

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